Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend cooking

I made my usual pot of beans and rice this week.  I cooked up a half pound of dried beans--this week I chose white.  I added some dry-fried onions, tomatoes from the garden, oregano, and at the end fresh basil from the garden.  It's good.  I cooked up about 4 cups of brown/forbidden rice.  I combined the beans and rice into single-serving bowls and froze them for later in the week (tomorrow will be leftover "burgers" from today's cookout):

While preparing the beans, I chopped up an eggplant; then I decided that is too much eggplant for the beans so I changed my mind and decided to make a big batch of greens--kale in this case.   So I fried up the onion, eggplant, added kale and water and tomatoes and oregano, and added fresh basil at the end.  I froze this into single-serving bowls to freeze also.  So now I can have a serving of cooked greens every day if I want.  That will save cooking time!

My meal plans are pretty similar to last week:  cooked cereal and fruit for breakfast; then some combination of corn on the cob, potato, cooked veggies (I also have broccoli and green beans and carrots in addition to the ready-made greens), rice and beans, and salad for lunch and dinner.  I mix and match depending on my schedule.

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