Sunday, February 5, 2012

Today's psychology

Still at my friends' house (see yesterday's post for more on this).  This morning I jogged 5 miles in the sunshine on a beautiful trail, arrived back at the house, showered, and ate a delicious florida orange and carrot while they ate their belgian waffles and bacon.  I basked in my exercise hormones and they basked in their sugar and coffee.  All of us were quite satisfied.  Then I made my salads for the day and ate one of those while we had a long conversation.   I could have had the waffles--it's okay to indulge on occasion. I just didn't want them today. and it didn't seem to ruin our friendship.  My partner got to indulge in the food and I thanked my guests for feeding my partner this delicious food.  So I still got to thank them.   Later on they had typical football game snacks and chili with the works.  I was fine eating my salads, soup, and carrots.  But the key was feeling I have a choice, for me anyway.  It's okay to go off plan once in a while.  It would have been okay to do that today.  Feeling like I had that choice worked for me.  Then I just didn't want the consequences.  It's hard to give advice on this issue because everyone is different, even I am different on a different day.  This worked for me today.


Ginger said...

Yesterday, a lady in my church women's group brought some beautiful carrot cupcakes to church. Offering them to everyone in the class, I was almost paralyzed. I remembered your Saturday post and thought I could have one if I want one. But do I want a moment's pleasure for the pain that will surely follow. I found I could say no thank you with a smile and be perfectly happy. Thanks

kneecap said...

wow, that's great!