Sunday, February 26, 2012

news flash: Florida has great produce

Florida is a great place to be a nutritarian!  Okay, that's not a shock.  Here's the real shocker of the day:  Florida has great mountain bike trails!    The great produce is just fabulous.    Yesterday I scored a nice tangerine and grapefruit and a yummy cabbage from a fruit stand, and used that in today's salad.  Today we hit the Whole Foods in Sarasota.  I have some friends who have complaints about Whole Foods, but one thing in its favor is that the CEO is a follower of Drs. Fuhrman, Esselstyn, McDougall, and Campbell.  You can get nutritarian food from the hot food bar as well as salad bar!   Today I scored yummy local food:  salad, kale, strawberries, tomatoes and a few items from far away places.  Here is the salad I put together for tomorrow:

large, fresh, local red lettuce:

Here's the lettuce cut up and put in three bowls (8 cup bowls!).  a giant bunch of kale is next (half for tomorrow, half the next day):

I like to add in my seed mixture to the lettuce and stir it around.  Tomorrow when I add the vinegar, it will get soaked by the seed mixture and won't all sink to the bottom"

okay, now the kale is on top of that:

local tomatoes, yum!

okay, this probably doesn't go at all with tomatoes but I don't care.  I can eat the tomatoes first.  This is fresh local strawberries, plus some blueberries and raspberries from far away.  Most of the blueberries and raspberries are in a separate bowl for travel companion:

add in a can of chickpeas:

tomorrow I'll add vinegar to the salads.

ps.  I'm working on my self-esteem!


Jasmin said...

working on your self-esteem is key.
seriously. reading that last line was a great reminder for myself. I am feeling shitty lately (physically) and so that is what my physical appearance reflects, and I have trouble letting go of that certain idea of how I have to look and be. self-esteem is so important. how are you working on it specifically?? I'll listen to some more binaural beats today. they always help.
thanks for sharing! oh, and by the way, I think berries and tomatoes go very well together. ;)

kneecap said...

what are binaural beats? you are right, berries and tomatoes go together well! I'm going to write a post on self-esteem next...but it is so much a work in progress.

Jasmin said...

yeah, I understand :) I am in the same boat... and looking back... I am SO proud of myself - I've made so much progress!
binaural beats stimulate the brain to produce certain brain waves, like theta, delta etc.
I am mostly listening to Kelly Howell's tracks and find them really really helpful and good. there is also the Monroe Institute which does all kinds of meditations and stuff with binaural beats, but I haven't tried much of them! I am excited about binaural beats! especially, when combined with subliminal messages and meditation/deep breathing. ;)
so many things to explore! and thanks for the blog post on self-esteem strategies ;)