Sunday, April 4, 2010

This week's food

Yesterday, I made the usual 7 smoothies for housemate, 7 blended salads for myself, and bean soup divided into 7 servings.

I've been following my food intake again with CRON-o-meter. I'm finding it actually helps me to eat more, which is fun. I eat so much high-volume low-calorie food that I have to make sure to eat enough beans, nuts & seeds, and fruit to fill out the calories. The fruit is the best part. Both yesterday and today I ate a 16 oz box of fresh organic strawberries from California. They were good. Today I had them blended with a banana and some walnuts into a milkshake. I think I would have preferred the strawberries fresh from the box actually. But the milkshake was still good.

I've had to adjust my eating meal plans to my new schedule. I exercise at 4 pm now and I don't want to be over-full from lunch. Last week I experimented with beans at brekky and even that was too close to exercise time. And I'm into veggie slaw salads. So here's what I'm thinking I'll do this week.

Brekky: blended salad. banana (1/2 or whole) and walnuts (1/2 oz) if still hungry.

Lunch: prepare a large veggie slaw salad. Nibble on veggies while preparing--today it was raw sweet potato sticks and an orange bell pepper which was yummy. Split the salad into two bowls for lunch and dinner.

Dinner: 1 bowl veggie slaw salad, and bowl of bean soup.


Angie said...

Thanks for posting the link to Chronometer - initially your post led me back to my old FitDay software website - but as my internet time can be sporadic, I needed to update it to run with Vista. After checking out Chronometer - I've decided that will do just as nicely - you've just saved me $30. Thanks again!

kneecap said...

It can be a little confusing at first so feel free to ask questions. You can enter your own foods and recipes.