Thursday, May 26, 2011

today's "salads"

I'm trying a new schedule that allows me to do my food prep in the morning.  I think this will let me be more creative and actually do some real cooking on weekdays.  I just didn't have the energy when I was prepping all my meals at 9 pm the night before.   Today I decided to enjoy my fruit separately from my salads and to cook my veggies.  Here's what I came up with:

Breakfast:  1 lb strawberries.  yum!

Lunch and Dinner:
I cooked up in the pressure cooker:  broccoli, onions, red cabbage, and mushrooms; and 1 tsp each of dried oregano and basil (didn't have any fresh herbs on hand).  Added 2 cans of (homemade) tomatoes, 1 cup of beans, 1 oz of seed mixture, and 3 Tbsp spicy pecan vinegar.   This fit into two 4-cup containers.  Then I filled two 8 cup containers with a chopped head of lettuce and about 4 oz of chopped spinach.  Poured the veggies on top of the greens when I was ready to eat.  Yum!

1 lb of fresh cherries.  fantastic!

Wow.  This food is so much better than anything I ever ate in the "Standard American Diet."


witchdr2172 said...

What is the benefit of using a pressure cooker for this recipe?
Glad to see "Daily Biker" getting some updates too!

kneecap said...

wow, someone who reads "daily biker"? thanks!
The only benefit of a pressure cooker is that it's fast. Anyway of cooking the veggies will work--steaming, microwave, pressure cooker...

Darryl said...

Morning is my favorite time to cook. I can start beans and some veggies to cook, then keep an eye on those while I cut raw veggies for a start on breakfast. And follow the the previous night's PBS News Hour that I record on our prehistoric VCR. A nice relaxing way to start out the day.

kneecap said...

sounds nice Darryl! I'm preferring morning food prep too. I think I can work it with my schedule now.