Sunday, May 15, 2011

today's quick but substantial brunch

Yesterday I knew the fridge would be almost empty today if I didn't go grocery shopping but I also knew there was just enough for a big brunch before going out for several hours and skipping lunch.  I'll go grocery shopping on the way home.  So here's what I made.

I chopped up 1/3 of a red cabbage, about 1/2 lb broccoli, and one bunch of kale, and cooked those up in the pressure cooker,

and thawed 2 cups of Dr. Fuhrman's Anti-cancer soup from the freezer:
That's the anti-cancer soup on the far right in 1-cup containers.   Note, if you don't have frozen soup available, no problem!  Just add a half-can of beans or 1 cup of beans you've cooked up yourself, and some herbs or no-salt seasoning, some ground up seeds or nuts, and some flavored vinegar (also, onion and mushrooms if you have it, any other veggie you have on hand) and you'll be set!

Here's the result:

This ought to hold me.  Actually it's only 523 calories, but I'm told the nutritarians are going to be awarded some raw carrots at the meeting while others are awarded cookies (I've converted a few people to my surprise), so that will tide me over.  :)   It was very yummy.  later...

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