Sunday, May 15, 2011

Clarification on Grand Canyon Salads

I've been getting a fair number of questions about the Grand Canyon Salads.  Thanks for your interest!  Here are some of my answers, as well as questions for you:

1)  Should I cook the mushrooms?  Yes, to kill some of the toxins.  1 minute in the microwave is sufficient.  And it tastes better!   Though when I'm traveling and don't always have a microwave, I've eaten them raw.  I'm hoping my nutritarian immune system can handle it.
2)  What size container do you use?  8 cup.  I've accidentally said 8 oz here and there, sorry about mis-speaking.  8 cup.  big.
3)  Do you eat all three in one day?  (are you crazy?)  Yes.  (yes).  :)   I go for simplicity and ease and don't seem to mind repetition.   For me the variation is day-to-day with the ingredients (the veggies and fruit), and the repetition is 3 meals in one day.   I'm gone from 8 am until 9 pm every day.  I prepare my food the night before and take it with me during the day.  You should do what works for you!  If you want to have this at lunch only, just make a smaller batch to fit one bowl for lunch.  Then have what something else for breakfast and dinner.
4)  How long will these keep?  24 hours.  I could probably push it to 36 hours if I skip a meal and still have one left the next day for breakfast.  But I don't think I'd do that on a regular basis.
5)  Do you cook the veggies?  I've done it both ways, cooked and raw.  Both ways are good.
6)  What do you do in between your salads?  Is that all you eat?  I usually have a few hundred extra calories to play with.  I fill it with favorite veggies in season.  Right now my favorites are usually carrots, sweet potato, sweet corn, and/or sugar snap peas.

I have questions for you all:  I'm surprised at the interest in these salads.  I was just going after an easy way to prepare food that tastes good and satisfies Dr. Fuhrman's 6-week plan.  Is this what appeals to you too?  Or do you just think the salads are good?

Let me know if you have any more questions or answers!


Michelle said...

How do you calculate your calories so easily? I've done this a few times but it was so time consuming, I'm hoping there's a trick out there that I'm missing that would make it easier.
Thanks! Michelle

Melissa said...

You are so inspiring! I am all for simplicity.. what do you do in-between your three salad?? What do you have for snacks? (although i read you don't like to eat snacks anymore...). So, are these three salad ALL YOU EAT? Just trying to understand. I really love your layered salads... so glad i found your blog! I am a huge ETL fan... and i will be following your blog and ideas... thank you!

kneecap said...

Hi Michelle, I use CRON-o-meter ( I am something of a numbers geek. I don't always monitor my calories, just when I'm curious about my calorie and nutrient intakes. You can monitor your food in other ways, that is, make sure you limit your nuts, beans, and fruit to recommended amounts, and pay attention to your hunger. It takes some effort to monitor your calories because you have to calculate them in soup recipes and portion sizes. I just think that sort of thing is fun, like working puzzles and playing sudoku. :)

Hi Melissa I edited my post with your question and my answer. I also asked a question to you guys, which is, why do you like these salads? I'm surprised by the interest. It was an invention of a lazy cook!