Sunday, May 29, 2011

Disease Proof

Here's a great post by Emily on the Disease Proof blog, about the "lifestyle" of a nutritarian vs the lifestyle of disease.


Cindy Marsch said...

Barb, I didn't know if you were still on the June Accountability thread at Dr.F, but I wanted to thank you for your inspiration on eating nutritarian while traveling. I just got back from a five-day trip, during which I had three or four pre-frozen green smoothies, a giant salad from ingredients I'd packed, leftover lentil/sweet potato/rice dish I'd frozen ahead of time, fresh veggies with dip, fresh cherries, a couple of oranges, a couple of apples, and some peanut butter on whole wheat bagels to take the place of many restaurant meals I might have had otherwise. And I ordered pretty well, too, when I did eat in restaurants. It wasn't a perfect week, but it was a much better one than it could have been, and you gave me some ideas to help make it happen! Thank you!

kneecap said...

Hi Cindy, thanks so much for writing. Congratulations to you for coming up with a plan and putting it into action! You get all the credit for that. I'm glad that a few of my ideas were helpful.