Sunday, October 10, 2010

this week's beans

These are yummy!

You don't really need a recipe. The main ingredients are beans, carrot juice, vegetables of your choice, onions, and mushrooms (note that onions and mushrooms are great cancer fighting veggies). Here are the ingredients I used today, because of what is growing in my garden:

2 lbs beans (I randomly picked 1 lb lima and 1 lb tapiara from my Rancho Gordo selections)
>1 lb collards
1.5 lb mushrooms
>1 lb onions & shallots
1/2 lb eggplant
40 oz carrot juice
several cups water

I soaked the beans overnight, then cooked them in water while I was gone this morning--enough water to cover plus 3-4 inches above the beans. When I got home, I cooked everything else in the carrot juice and water. I let that cook for 2 hours probably, then added the beans. The beans are so creamy. Yum! Here it is in a 12-quart stock pot!

Of course, you can half the recipe. But I'm cooking for the whole week. After it cooled, and we ate some for dinner, I poured the rest into about 15 tupperware bowls to freeze for separate meals this week.


Anonymous said...

That looks so yummy, thank you for the recipe idea. And good to see the blog is back on track! :-)

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Do you think this recipe could be prepared in a pressure cooker? If so, any advice? Thank you.

kneecap said...

Hey anon, I tried doing this in a pressure cooker and burned it. I like it thick, and that doesn't do well in the pressure cooker. You could cook the beans in the pressure cooker. I don't find it a problem to cook on the stove because my housemate watches the beans while I'm gone in the morning, and then for the rest, I don't mind doing other things while it's cooking.