Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jan. 2 food

Today I had a smoothie for brekky, and leftovers for lunch and dinner (yesterday's salad and black eyed peas). The salad was so good with the squash/beet/apple cranberry dish mixed in with the sweet pea dressing I made yesterday. Sounds strange, but very very yummy! Here's a picture:

I snacked on a veggie juice (kale, carrot, & celery) while taking my nutritional excellent trainer exam, just to keep my brain going, not that I needed it as there was plenty of adrenaline. I am not confident that I passed. That's okay if I didn't, I will take it again, but it will have to wait until February, as I travel much of January. House mate will be here in case the burglars are wondering.

I also snacked on smoothies I was making for house mate for next week.

For my first trip, I'm bringing cans of beans and soup in my suitcase. and probably a smoothie for tomorrow night. I'm also bringing a bunch of carrots if I can fit them in the suitcase, because I've never tasted better carrots than the ones grown around here and sold at my co-op. I'll go grocery shopping when I'm there to get lettuce greens and berries and other fruit. I ground up a bunch of seeds to add to the salads. I'm also bringing a couple of apples so they don't go bad here. I'll just prepare and bring my own food to the restaurants to be social. I tired of the typical restaurant fare at these meetings long ago.

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