Monday, October 15, 2012


Here is a fun website describing all the types of winter squash.   So far I've tried acorn, buttercup, butternut, festival (=carnival?), delicata, kabocha, and red kuri.  The only one I didn't especially like was red kuri.  I think my favorite was kabocha, with buttercup a close second and acorn third.   Actually I haven't tried delicate yet, just prepared it for tomorrow.   And I will be giving festival a couple of more tries this week.  Butternut is nice but not as complex in texture and flavor as my top 3.


Xanthe said...

I am absolutely obsessed with kabocha squash. It is my favorite as well, with buttercup coming in second also. But kabocha is literally my single favorite food on the planet. I just poke holes, microwave the whole thing for 10-15 mins, and then usually eat the whole squash... You've inspired me to give acorn a try too though.

Holly said...

Why have I never had a kabocha squash? Must rectify this situation!

I thought for awhile I was confusing the name of carnival squash and calling it festival squash. Now I see both are legit names - so are they one and the same?

Oooh, fairytale squash. I had a gigantic one last year - it is amazing when baked. First it puffs up and then it deflates some and you cut it into wedges.

kneecap said...

good to hear about those microwave instructions. hmm, you are both making me wish I had some kabocha. oh yeah, I will be stopping by the store tonight. :)

Holly, I don't know if carnival and festival are the same. I was guessing. At ou co-op it's called festival. They look the same. I'll google some more. :)

ooh, never had fairy tale.

Daniel Rios said...

Spaghetti squash is what I most consider. I am not a vegan but spaghetti squash is an exception, the taste is somehow the same as regular spaghetti with a twist of a health squash.

tsnenty said...

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