Sunday, September 9, 2012


Today was our first annual first Packer (football) game of the season cookout.  The cookout was fun even if the game was less so--all the more reason to enjoy a cookout!     Here I am cooking up the food:

That's my Jeff Novick (JN) veggie burger, 3 bratwursts (brats for short) for housemate, 3 grilled corn on the cob (2 for me).   I cut my burger in half and made collard wraps.  To make it seem more classic I added ketchup (no sugar), mustard (no salt), and my "pickles" (cucumber slice soaked in d'angou pear vinegar and dill).   

I also made JN fries, which are the best fries I've ever had, seasoned with my cajun mix, which I got this from a Happy Herbivore cookbook.  I prefer making my own season mixes with no salt and much less hot pepper.   I dipped in ketchup for a treat.  Even though the ketchup has no sugar, it has salt, 70 mg per Tbsp.  I thought that was okay but I can feel it in my fingers.  I think I will make my own next time.  JN gives a recipe for home-made ketchup on his DVD.  Actually he got it from Cathy at StraightUPFood (one of my favorite recipe sites) so you can see it here.  I bet it will taste better than Heinz and it won't have any salt. I would just make a small batch with a quickly cooked apple piece (so no need for blending if apple is cooked) and herbs and vinegar mixed in--should be easy.

Here's my lunch. 

 I saved one of those collard wraps and a corn for dinner, along with butternut squash.   This sure is a fun way to eat!

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