Sunday, July 3, 2011

Socializing with SAD friends

I had a tough time last week being a nutritarian and I was caught off guard about it.  Lots of old friends came into town for a conference.  We were surrounded by SAD (Standard American Diet) food all day long.  We entertained house guests and fed them what they wanted and took them where they wanted to eat, i.e., SAD food.  It was an absolute SAD extravaganza, with more cookies, ice cream, popcorn, beer, bratwurst (local favorite) than you could ever want, all day long.  I wanted to enjoy myself and felt I needed to eat SAD food to do it.  I found myself bored watching them drink and eat ice cream.  These are my friends.  Do I really require SAD food to enjoy their company?  This is sad!   I realized I've closed off a lot of my social life in order to live in my nutritarian world.  I don't want to do that.  I want to socialize.  My new goal is to enjoy the company of other people in SAD environments, since that's what the vast majority of social environments are.  I'd like to give it a try anyway.  We have a favorite hangout called the Terrace.  It's an outdoor place on the lake, and it's very informal.  I can bring grapes and other treats and enjoy eating those while others are drinking beer and eating ice cream, right?  (It's famous for it's beer and ice cream, and popcorn too).


Ginger said...

I came to the same conclusion. I can love my family and friends without partaking of their poisonous fare. I bring my own food and make no comments or judgments about theirs. If they ask, I share my story. Otherwise, I simply enjoy the time.

kneecap said...

thanks Ginger. I really hope all my friendships weren't based just on ice cream and beer!