Sunday, July 10, 2011

lunch on the bike path

So today I was riding my bike along the bike path like I've done for the past 15 years, and I passed by some people eating berries from a tree.  They said, "These are good!"  so I stopped and asked what they were.  They were mulberries from a mulberry tree, and it turns out there are a few more of these trees on the bike path.  Well, these were fantastic!  Perfectly ripe and sweet, and there were tons of them!   I felt like a wild animal who struck it rich.  Like a bear discovering a giant honeycomb.  I just stood there and ate a ton of berries.   How could I be so ignorant all these years and not know that at certain times of the year, I can stop on my bike every day and eat a ton of mulberries?!  

Then I got home and decided to continue the feast and ate raspberries in my backyard.   I'll have to reserve more time on my bike ride for mulberries.  I may not even need to buy berries this week, just have my raspberries and mulberries for breakfast.

Here's a picture of the mulberries:

Here's the mulberry tree for future reference (so I can remember what they look like!):

They do stain your fingers.  My mouth seems okay from this distance:

 I told housemate I want a mulberry tree and she said, no, they are too messy.   harumph.


Carol1one said...

We had a mulberry tree, and they were white mulberries (less messy, hint...hint...).

Only we never got to eat any! The birds always got them first. :O/

I had dried mulberries in Iran and they were my favorite treat. :0)

kneecap said...

You were in Iran? How so? I bet they are good dried. They are very sweet!

Amy said...

My grandparents had a mulburry tree behind their house in Michigan when I was a kid and I vividly remember eating the berries! Yum!