Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ah Sweet Corn is here

We've been having sweet corn for about a week now.  As expected, the first few batches were good but not great, but within only a few days, they went from a B rating to A+.   We have a corn stand from a local farm that's just a short walk from our house, so we eat it every day.  I even changed my schedule around so I can eat it at lunchtime at home.  I can't do this every day--for example, for the next two weeks I'll have visitors at work, so will be back to a 10-5 schedule (I try to work 75% time), and then eat the corn at dinner time.  And when the Fall semester starts, we'll have lunchtime meetings most days so I'll go back to 10-5 again.  But my summer schedule has been great for productivity.  I get a lot of concentrated work done in the mornings and then do my administrative work and meeting with students and other colleagues in the afternoon.  

Here's a typical lunch out on the deck.   This is what we live for.  We dream of this in winter.
Besides the corn, there a "small" serving of my mid-summer salad at bottom, and a bowl of steamed green beans from the garden with cauliflower and herbs.  If you've never had freshly picked green beans, you don't know what they are capable of tasting like.  The answer is very yummy.

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