Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Trip food

I found a good grocery store today--that is, it has good fresh produce--which is a surprise given I'm in a small very very touristy town.  But I guess the locals have to eat and they must like some fresh produce.  Note that it's the conventional produce that looked fresh, not the organic, so I went with conventional.  I got a beautiful head of romaine lettuce and a locally grown tomato and made is minimalist salad from that for today and tomorrow:

That's lettuce (washed and broken into 2 pieces per leaf) and sliced tomato.  No fork or dressing required; can be eaten anywhere with ease.  I also got some "baby carrots".  So that's my snacking food.

I'm in Tennessee and I have to say I am a southerner when it comes to food (well, and background too).  I have so many fond memories of the food.  OMG, there's a pancake place on every block and fried chicken and BBQ.  The store deli had all kinds of this stuff plus mashed potatoes and the usual delicious sides you get in southern restaurants.  Fortunately there is healthy food I can eat too.  Here is what I cooked up for the next two days in my Instapot pressure cooker (one day's worth is shown here--lunch and dinner).

That's rice, potato, black-eyed peas, okra, zucchini, canned tomatoes, and baby kale.  and I added some singapore, tandoori and italian seasoning.  Here's the instapot in the bathroom (hotel cooking):

and they had good fruit too.  I bought a container of watermelon pieces that I ate this afternoon.  For tomorrow's breakfast I have oats, cinnamon, sliced grapes, strawberries and pineapple.  I'll heat that in the microwave.

 I think I'll stop at this store before leaving tomorrow tomorrow since I know I can get good produce and then I'll be set for a few more days.

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