Sunday, June 1, 2014

Chef AJ's Yummy Sauce

I finally made Chef AJ's yummy sauce today and I concur, it is yummy!   You can find the recipe and video here.   I used a half-pound of dried white beans (soaked and cooked), which is more than 1 can, so I increased the other ingredients:  2 lemons, extra garlic, 3 Tbsp of mustard,  2 medjool dates.  For garlic I used green garlic--that's early garlic, it's like chives.  I blended the white parts, then added the greens at the end for a quick chop instead of blend.  Since 1/2 lb of beans usually lasts me 3 days, I added enough water to fill 3 16-oz jars:

That will nicely cover 2 salads a day.   I wonder what else I should put it on.


Ines said...

Is it sweet with the dates?

kneecap said...

just a little bit. I'm sure you can leave them out if you don't want them. or add maple syrup to taste. then you can be careful about how much you want to add. e.g., 1 tsp or 1 T.

Ines said...

Okay, thanks. It does sound quite tasty.

kneecap said...

yeah, though today I'm having it with veggies and rice, and I'd just as soon have the whole beans instead of the sauce. but I made the sauce to that's what I'm having. :)

Chef AJ said...

Hi Barb,

Remember me? It's Chef AJ. Thank you for posting my yummy sauce! I hope you liked it, it's one my favs. The possibilities are endless. I sometimes add fresh jalapeños, roasted red bell pepper, even wasabi. The flavor changes depending on which brand of mustard you use and whether or not you add the lemon zest. One of my favorite uses of it is massaged I to raw kale.

Great connecting with you again. Hope you are doing well.

Love & Kale,
Chef AJ

kneecap said...

Hi Chef AJ, I follow as many of your posts as I can. Love reading about your journey. Thanks for sharing with us. thanks for the tips on yummy sauce. I'm curious to try it next time without dates.