Monday, April 11, 2011

tomorrow's food

Tomorrow is my all-day trip home, yea!  Trader Joe's makes it so easy!   Here's the food selection (sorry, bad lighting and old iphone):

That's (from bottom left going up and around) mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, romaine lettuce, seed mixture, strawberries, onion, orange, sugar snap peas (really good), cabbage and carrots.
The salad's are prepared in a jiffy:

I'll eat one before I go, and pour vinegar on the others in the morning.  For show and tell, I packed them in their bags,

and into the carry-on bag:

But for now they are back in the fridge until tomorrow.

I calculated this is 1100 calories, which is usually not enough for me, but today I had 1300 and was overfull.  I'll eat something when I get home if I'm still hungry.

Think I'm crazy?   You know, after seeing many of my colleagues on this trip that I've known for years and seeing their health problems, I don't care.  I am so happy eating this delicious food, and having my health.

The best food on this trip were the strawberries and sugar snap peas, so I had them every day.  It's really hard to beat that at any restaurant.


Ginger said...

I'll be traveling soon. Your visual Trader Joes meal plan has opened my eyes to how easily I can still follow the plan. Thank you

kneecap said...

don't forget big tupperware bowls for your salad, and a fork and a spoon. :)

Carol said...

You definitely know how to do it, Barb! Thanks for sharing! :))

Susan said...

You go, girl! I do something similar when I have to travel. You're walking the walk.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny! I love how organised you are ;)

Wow -ok first of all is that only one day's worth of food?! I wonder if I had been eating enough. I'm not doing ETL now, but trying to get ready for it.

It's actually helpful to see how you do it. It is taking me so long to prep food. I must be doing it wrong.

I'd love so huge containers like that. Nice!

This is Heather / nearlythere on the Dr F forums.

kneecap said...

Hey Heather! yes, I know you from the forums. That was less than 1 day of food, ha! When I got home I had a small bowl of soup and a piece of manna bread. When I'm home my salads have even more veggies because I use a food processor. Tomorrow's breakfast and lunch weigh over 4 lbs. But that is not necessary. I just don't make time to cook much during the week so eat a lot more salads with fruit in them. Then I eat less salads on the weekends and more fruit and cooked stuff. Here's a description of the kinds of salads I often make during the week for work:


Kristi said...

I love this! What a great approach! Thanks for sharing!

kneecap said...

thanks Kristi!