Saturday, June 5, 2010

This week's beans and meals too

This is similar to my usual beans, (without the parsnips which I often forget to buy), but these were pretty and I took pictures.

16 oz (two cups) dry beans
juice from 5 lbs carrots
2-4 cups water, more as needed
1-2 onions
1/2-1 lb mushrooms

Juice the carrots; chop the onions and mushrooms. Combine everything in a pot, soak overnight, cook the next morning for 2-4 hours. (I usually do this on the weekend)

Today's beans were "yellow-eyed" beans from Rancho Gordo. Aren't they pretty?

Here they are ready to go in the fridge:

I haven't cooked them yet but they'll look a lot like the ones in this post. I'll store these in containers to freeze and take one out each day to eat with salads or veggies. These are very flavorful so they add nice flavor to the salads or veggies. It's really easy to turn this into a quick meal. For example, cook up a bunch of asparagus or brussels sprouts and/or other veggies, add these beans, and some ground seeds, and you have a healthy, filling, caloric rich, high protein meal. I haven't posted my "savory" microsalad but I'll try to remember to do that tomorrow. I add these beans to that too and it's again very filling and flavorful. These meals are pretty much a staple for me during the week because they are quick and nutritious. I'll have those and then another meal of fruit and I'm set for the day.


Darryl said...

Hi Barb, I eat the shitake stems all the time.We have a good (expensive, but good) local supplier, and get very fresh, beautiful mushrooms. We use them in recipes, generally shitake and maitake, and I steam them with my veggies. I usually slice the stems thin, lengthwise, maybe that helps make them more tender.

kneecap said...

ooh, thanks for that tip. I have grown to like shitake mushrooms. Last week I tried crimini and they lacked the flavor of shitake. We also have a fairly local distributor and they seem pretty fresh. And since they are expensive, I'd rather not waste the stems!