Saturday, June 26, 2010

travel, travel, travel!

I planned a few too many fun and work trips this summer. Even fun trips can get tiring. Next year, I'm going to stay home all summer, because I really love where I live. My recent trips have been by car so I've been able to bring my electric cooler with me, and can shop whenever and wherever I need to (having a car). Here's the cooler in my hotel room loaded up with greens, veggies, and fruit:

Here's a typical meal I had this week: lettuce & spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, lime juice, ground seeds (I ground up a mixture of flax, sunflower and hemp to bring with me), apple, pear, orange, black beans. This was usually lunch and dinner. Breakfast was snacking on carrots, kohlrabi, and sugar snap peas while preparing lunch and dinner. I packed lunch and dinner and ate with people at various places, all informal enough not to matter that I brought my own.

This week I've been in Minneapolis where they have a great co-op grocery store. Today I ate the best raspberries I've ever eaten (local and fresh!). oh my god. When I ate those, I thought, you couldn't find anything more delicious than this in a restaurant! For one thing, they wouldn't spend the money on fresh, organic, local berries! I have another box waiting for me tomorrow. I'll have that for brekky along with some blackberries and a banana. I had some great local strawberries today too.

(to the burglars: there's someone at my house during all these trips--really).

Last weekend I was at a family wedding. It was quite easy to be my crazy self. I met my parents in a restaurant for lunch after I ate, and just had herbal tea. The wedding reception was buffet style and it was easy to sneak my own salad on my plate while the others at my table were at the buffet. The only thing that made it less than discreet was how tall and overflowing the salad pile was on my plate. My tupperware bowl held quite a lot!

Next weekend I go to NYC. That will be more of a challenge but I'll be with a friend who is trying to eat healthy and says she wants to copy me. Our other friend will just have to put up with us, me anyway. I think we'll go to some fancy vegan restaurants so I suspect they won't let me bring my food with me. I'll just have to drink tea, and eat before or after. I'm willing to compromise if it's me who wants to compromise, but I'm not willing to do it for others. So if I feel like compromising okay, maybe I will. However, I haven't eaten SAD food (refined grains, oil, salt, sugar) since Jan. 20, so I may not want to break the streak. Plus the following week I'll have an appointment with Dr. Fuhrman at his Health Getaway. So I'm kind of inclined to eat healthy right now.


Celly said...


I really loved reading about how you travel with your food. I am trying to keep ETL up this summer during all of my traveling too and it's inspiring to read about your ideas and efforts! I don't know if you've already left NYC, but I just wanted to share with you what I do when I am in that amazing city. The easiest way for me is that I practically move in at all the Whole Foods stores around the city. Honestly, their raw food bar is my savior. Also, you can bet on them having at least ONE prepared oil-free salad available. My two fave locations are Columbus Circle and East Village. They DO NOT disappoint!

rpattzlawyer said...

What brand cooler do you have? And what size is it? That's an amazing idea!

kneecap said...


That's exactly what I did! Whole Foods was definitely the best place to eat, and there were lots around. Thanks for telling me about the raw food bars. I didn't notice them this time but will try them next time. One night I went to a fancy restaurant with some foodie friends and was not impressed. I had to tell the chef what to make based on the combination of veggies available--of which there were few! So not a very creative chef and not much food to choose from. But it was just one meal and I still enjoyed the company.

rpattzlawyer: It's a coleman. I think there are different brands. google "electric coolers for cars" and you see lots. It looks like Koolatron makes a lot of different kinds.

EMR said...

Eating healthy should be a prerogative of all today.Fruits and vegetables fresh and organic means a lot to good health and keeping fit.Green tea is very good for health.

Sancia said...

So healthy!