Sunday, May 23, 2010

This week's beans

This week will be busy and I need to spend less time in the kitchen, so I decided to make fancier beans, adding the healthy cooked vegetables Dr. Furhman recommends, and do less cooking each day.

1 lb beans (this week it's some small whitish variety from Rancho Gordo)
juice from 5 lbs carrots--I noticed this was about 36 oz
2-4 cups water
1-2 onions (sweet vidalia are in season right now, yum)
2 parsnips (optional but good, I happened to have them)
1 lb shitake mushrooms, chopped (I left off the stems this time, though I might try next time since they cook for a while--maybe that will tenderize them).

Rinse the dry beans. Combine everything in a big pot the day or night before--add water to cover by a few inches. Let soak overnight in the fridge. Cook the next morning for 2-4 hours, until desired tenderness. Adding water as needed. These taste sweet and fantastic. As I said in another post, they are kind of like baked beans! Here's the big pot of cooked beans:

Here they are divided into 11 1-cup servings (minus 1 that I ate). I'll have these for lunch and dinner along with my micro-salads.

Each 1-cup serving as 206 calories, 11g protein (18% of calories), 40 g carbs (78%), and less than 1 g fat (4%).


Maile said...

These are just finishing up on my stove now. They smell wonderful. I think my son and I will have them with lunch. Yum! Thank you for sharing this recipe.

kneecap said...

I hope you like them!