Saturday, April 29, 2017

My eating and drinking history

I was thinking today that my eating history is like my drinking history. I tended to drink like those around me.  For the years I was living with my boyfriend, I drank daily because he did  (we also smoked 1-2 cigarettes a day and drank coffee).  Then when I lived alone, I drank several days a week, by myself or with others.  Then when I lived with Marilyn, she didn't drink so after a while I stopped at home, and when I was out with others I drank (they did too).  The worst was at astronomy conferences.  My friends drank a lot.  I wasn’t used to it and would get really drunk, even on modest amounts, and then really hungover.   Sometimes I got excessively drunk and excessively sick and hungover. Then eventually, the obvious hit me and I realized that the drinking culture in astronomy might not be a good thing. I had just assumed it was normal and therefore good by some definition, but it’s not. So I stopped drinking altogether. 

My history with food was kind of similar:  I used to eat the SAD diet all the time and I didn’t overeat or binge, I just ate that stuff all the time in normal amounts like everyone else. Then I started eating healthy and stopped eating processed foods most of the time. On the occasions when I ate them they were hyper stimulating, and even eating normal amounts for a day or 2 felt like a binge and made me sick. I’ve done this occasionally for the last 8 years. and it seems to me that it’s time to stop. There’s no good reason to do this. 

I hope my future with processed food is the same as my drinking turned out!

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