Friday, June 19, 2015

My Health Update

Here are some blood work results after following Bright Line Eating for nearly 4 months.


ComponentStandard RangeYour Value
CHOLESTEROL115 - 200 mg/dL135
TRIGLYCERIDE10 - 149 mg/dL47
HDL40 - 60 mg/dL46
LDL, CALCULATED50 - 130 mg/dL80
ComponentStandard RangeYour Value
GLUCOSE65 - 105 mg/dL79
ComponentStandard RangeYour Value
VITAMIN B12 239 - 931 pg/mL 778
ComponentStandard RangeYour Value
FERRITIN 11.1 - 264.0 ng/mL 31.0

That looks good to me!   I'm 3 lbs away from the weight Fuhrman recommends (for women, the formula he suggests is 95 + 4 x [the number of inches you are above 5 ft], so for me that's 129 lbs.  

Here is my typical menu:
B:  4 oz cooked oat groats, 2 oz edamame or 4.5 oz yogurt, 6 oz fruit, 1/2 oz nuts/seeds
L:  4 oz beans, 6 oz non-starchy veggies any combo of raw and cooked, 6 oz fruit, 1/2 oz nuts/seeds
D:  6 oz beans, 14 oz non-starchy veggies any combo, 1/2 oz nuts/seeds

Food prep
cook up 6 oz dry oat groats into 4 servings.
cook up 1 lb beans into 8 servings, 4 4oz, 4 6oz

Does it sound boring?  I really like it.  For one thing, you vary the beans and the nuts and the fruit and the veggies every day and every meal.   Once corn season arrives in mid-July, I will modify the plan to include starchy veggies!  I should be at my goal weight then but even if not, I will eat corn!


trish said...

WOW! That's impressive...have you taken your hike yet? or is that later in the year?

kneecap said...

The hike is planned for the Fall, but we might have to cancel our trip for an unrelated reason. Regardless, the effort was worth it and hopefully I'll get a chance again to do the hike in the future.

trish said...

Hope you do too! Thanks...

Patti said...


I am trying to do the BLE plan also. Having trouble writing it down and keeping to plan after ETL. I started at 137 on June 1. Now at 132. Even not doing it perfectly has gotten me to a place I haven't seen since early ETL. I guess by Fuhrman I'd be 120#, It's enormously helpful to see a plant based menu BLE menu and obviously it works!

kneecap said...

Hey that's great! I'm still 3 lbs away from Fuhrman's ideal weight. But I'm quite happy here and am not sure I really need to lose more. I'll just see what happens. Oh I am at 132 also! There is another formula that apparently comes from the French, and with that one you start at 100 lbs for 5 ft (for a woman), and add 5 lbs for each inch. That would put my ideal weight at 142, which is 10 lbs heavier than now. I think it varies a lot with each person. My body has almost no muscle even with lots of weight training exercise, so I would fall on the more thin side of ideal weight. But most people have more muscle so would have a higher ideal weight.