Sunday, February 2, 2014

Today's food

I'm playing a fun game called "Empty the fridge before my next grocery shopping trip."  I didn't do my usual grocery run yesterday because I ate less of my food when my visitor was here (ate too many nuts and restaurant salads).  I think I can make my produce last until my next regularly scheduled run (Tuesday evening).

I've also been playing with cronometer which is fun.  Neal Barnard says you should get vitamin E to fight alzheimers, and he says almonds are a good source.  But it's fun to compare to other foods.  It turns out sunflower seeds have even more.  For a 10 g serving (about a Tbsp), sunflower seeds have 3.5 mg of vitamin E compared to 3 for almonds. For the same number of calories (about 60), my serving of cooked greens has 2.1 mg, which is a good dose.  And a pound of carrots has 3 mg!  I love raw carrots, have I mentioned that before?  Of course, Dr Campbell says not to micromanage your food and just eat a variety of whole foods.  But it's fun to see that when people say to eat almonds for vitamin E, you don't really have to.  When I plug in my typical meals, I'm coming out to 100% of the recommended amounts for vitamin E, even without nuts or sunflower seeds, because of the green veggies (they have everything!) and carrots.  Dr. Campbell says you should eat about 10% of your calories as fat (and 10% protein and 80% carbohydrates). Dr. Fuhrman recommends not going so low in fat: he says anywhere from 15% and up is okay depending on your needs and activity level.  As long as I eat some seeds, and maybe some edamame and soy yogurt, I can get above 10% fat.  

Back to emptying my fridge and today's food, I made this veggie side dish from onions, shitake mushrooms, cabbage, spinach and penzeys's curry powder.  It's really good!  I had half for dinner and I'll have the rest tomorrow.  Breakfast was an apple.  Lunch was a classic:
That's a serving of greens (from the freezer) and a baked Japanese sweet potato.  I was gone all morning so put in the potato to cook before I left (housemate took it out when it was done) and took out the greens from the freezer.   The rest of dinner is a big salad with lettuce, red bell pepper, edamame and a dressing made from orange juice, strawberry balsamic vinegar and ground seeds (flax, sesame, chia, hemp).  I'll eat that when house-mate returns with her Superbowl pizza.  And I ate a bunch of raw carrots and celery. 

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