Thursday, August 1, 2013

8/1/13, great hiking day

I met a friend and we hiked almost 8 miles today on hilly terrain.  It was great!   She is training for a hilly trail run and I'm training for hiking and backpacking.   She definitely got my interest about this trail running.  I keep telling myself I'm too old to run--because I want to be active until well into old age and I don't want bad knees to prevent that.  But I still might look into it, and promise I wouldn't run much, just a bit.
Breakfast was just nibbling on raw spinach and fruit while making housemate's smoothie.  
Lunch after a hilly 6 mile hike was my fantastic baked kohlrabi and onion (so sweet when baked) topped with beans and lentils; and some cooked kale and onions; and some snow peas.  That was followed by an easy 2 mile hike.
Dinner was corn on the cob, kale and onions, and too many blueberries.
Happy Aug. 1 everyone! 

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