Sunday, April 14, 2013


This is a good time of year to have oriental yams for dinner.  There isn't any fresh local produce to tempt me away from the yams just yet (sweet corn season is a few months away!).  The California veggies are good so I have them too.   This is one of my most favorite meals ever (beside my lunch potatoes and my breakfast grains), so I've been having this most nights.   As I described in this post, I cook a big pot of veggies every few days and distribute it into 2-cup bowls for lunch and dinner (lasts me 2-3 days).  I cook up a baked potato and yam every night or morning to have for lunch and dinner.   I just eat the oriental yam plain.  It is sweet like dessert.  It needs nothing else.  I eat the skin first so I can enjoy the inside all by itself.   yum yum yum.  The veggies are great too.   Here was last night's dinner.  As with lunch, I was too lazy to make a proper salad so just ate the Romaine leaves, which were quite good:

Today's included some blackberries for dessert.  My plate of veggies was bigger than usual because I had some leftover after serving up tomorrow's and the next day's into their bowls.

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