Sunday, February 10, 2013

What I'm eating these days

I'm in an enjoyable rut right now.  The oriental yams are really good right now and it's easy to prepare them (bake them).

My breakfast, this week anyway, consists of:   onions, mushrooms, greens, (1/3 cup) beans, (sliced baked) potato or (1/4 cup) oats, tomatoes and spices.  The spices vary from mexican to indian to italian.   It's like eating out at a restaurant to me.   Here was yesterday's.  This is just one of 3 bowls, ha, and no I didn't overeat.  I seasoned it with cumin and chipotle powder and a little lime juice and cilantro.

On weekdays, lunch and dinner are cooked veggies, baked oriental yam (or potato), and salad (lettuce, cucumber, red bell pepper, chia seeds, balsamic vinegar).   Snacks are some raw carrots, jicama and celery.  If I'm hungry late in the evening, I'll have an apple or grapefruit.

On weekends I liked "potato fries" and veggies at least once:

For activity I'm trying to combine exercise with transportation.  It's a little hard in winter but I am walking more.  Taking the stairs at work is giving me at least 15 flights of stairs to climb on weekdays.  That wore me out last week.  Then I'm trying some aerobic and strength exercises in the morning.


Krissie said...

Looks super tasty! I have to admit I'm not a big fan of Brussell Sprouts though. What tips can you give to make these a little more palatable?

Thanks in advance!

kneecap said...

I find when I cook them reasonably well and let them cool, they seem to get a sweet taste. Roasting them might do that too. However, if you don't like them, there are so many other vegetables out there, pick something you enjoy. Jeff Novick says there are no superfoods in this post:

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Anton said...

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