Saturday, March 10, 2012

Insights from my vacation

I had lots of time to think on my vacation, while driving in the car, and doing my usual meditation in the mornings.   I focussed a lot on what I was feeling, and not trying to understand why at this stage, just observing and feeling.  But thoughts still happened and there were some real insights.  Here were a few of them:

  1. It's okay to feel sad, lonely, angry, whatever you feel.  I think over the years I felt those were "bad" thoughts and tried to avoid them.
  2. You don't have to become a better person or accomplish some goal(s) (such as losing weight, improving your health and fitness) in order to be happy.   Some of my best role models for happiness live in very unhealthy bodies.   This was was extremely liberating for me.   As important, accomplishing your goals does not necessarily make you happy.  
  3. the meditation books tell me to face my fears.  I realized one of them is leaving the healthy diet and  losing my health again.  The reason for this fear is that I would like to be a health coach---so I have to be a good example, and that makes me fear I'll blow it.  I explored this fear and realized it's okay if it happens, because of point #2 above.  I can still be happy.  I'll just do something else.  Then the fear loses a lot of power.  
  4. Finally, I had a very important realization about work and my goals for the future.  I'm not ready to talk about this on my blog but it explains a lot about my recent malaise.  Just knowing this makes me happier.  I can make a plan now.
  5. and today, from the Fuhrman forums, someone noted that a lot of people seem to struggle and this person asked if there are examples of people who love eating this way and find it easy.   That gave me a nice perspective jolt.  I do love eating this way and I enjoy all the food prep and have it down pat.  In truth, I can't imagine eating any other way (making my fear in #3 start to seem more silly).  On vacation I saw more up-close what most people eat---the free breakfasts and "fresh-baked" cookies in the hotel, the food in the gas stations and fast food joints.  It was so fake-looking and ugly.  And it's harmful effects are evident in the people eating it.
I also noticed that hippos are nutritarians:
He was at a wildlife sanctuary, the only non-native species, but given a special pardon by the governor to live out his life there.  very cute.

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Shanna said...

I am finding it easier to eat this way the longer I do it. It sounds boring but it is just about learning new habits and routines in every day life. I have some pretty good habits down for food prep and avoiding poor food at home.

I have noticed that the effect of coffee cannot be ignored (a little grouchy at Dr. Furhman for bringing this to my attention). It is like night and day the effect it has on my appetite for healthy foods, sudden cravings and the "night munchies". I actually want food less as the day goes on when I am off coffee and there are no sudden spikes of hunger or mindless grabbing of the kids food.

We just got home from our weekly "cheat" and I just did not like it that much (and it was 'healthy' beans and rice with whole wheat tortilla)! Everything tastes so salty or sugary it just burns my tongue. I am really starting to prefer my own fresh prepared food. It's almost like the terrrible food is starting to not register to my brain as "food"-yeah!! It is not somethig I talk about though because I would have believed someone saying they didn't want birthday cake and ice cream was just being irritating. The power of addiciton to unhealthy substances is amazing me and dismaying me more every day.

It sounds like your vacation was very productive and getting a change of scene brought you some new insights! About the bad moods- I have never avoided them but always feel irritated that they are wasting my time-"Can I please have my positve productive self back now?!" I have really had to work on reprogramming my brain's worry/anxiety spirals (which are common in my family) so as to not be overtaken by these feelings.