Monday, June 6, 2011

Motivation recommendations

I was asked what my latest book recommendations are for motivation and positive psychology/happiness.  I have the books listed in my "Recommended books" section at right.   At the top of the list are the why and how-to books on eating for health, then cookbooks, and at the bottom are motivation/positive pyschology books.  I just updated that list with a new one, Get off Your But, by Sean Stephenson and Anthony Robbins.    So now what do I recommend in what order?

If you don't want to read any and just want a 3-sentence summary it is this (see below for another useful take-home point #4):  1)  There are no excuses.  2) Just do it.  3)  Happiness comes from overcoming challenges, not from pleasure-giving activities (such as watching tv or eating ice cream).   Regarding point #1,  Get off your but has lots of inspirational stories.  Regarding point #2, You can read all the books you want but it finally has to come from you.  Regarding point #3, you will be very happy when you do make the changes.  It is very hard, no doubt about it, but you will overcome and that will bring you GREAT satisfaction and ultimately happiness.

If you want to read just one, I think I recommend Get off Your But.  It is very inspirational and has lots of activities to help you on your journey.

If you want to read more, I have them ordered by how I liked them but it is very personal, so you may not agree with my ordering.  I also would like to point out The Pleasure Trap, which is more science and psychology but it shows why we desire processed foods and why we should avoid them (this is available in both book and DVD).  It helps you understand that this isn't about you being weak and bad, but about the food being bad and dangerous.  Let me emphasize this as take-home point #4)  The food is bad, not you!

If you like to learn and to stay motivated, then I recommend all of these books.  What I do is buy the audio versions and listen to them on my ipod while doing my food prep.  I think this is fun.  And then I save my other enjoyable books for my night-time reading.


Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara,
I just stumbled on your blog and really admire the way that you use traveling as a way to explore nutritarian ways rather than an excuse to binge on SAD foods. WIth an uncoming international trip, I'm wondering if you have any tips for preparing food for the 8+ hour flight, and then a 10 day stay in Portugal. Thanks so much!

kneecap said...

Hi Jill,

I'm not sure what to say about Portugal. I found when I was in Taiwan that the fruit stands were great. My hotel supplied a breakfast where I could get fresh produce and fruit. Then at dinner I could get produce at the fruit stands and it was very good tropical fruit and greens! That was plenty of food. I ate some of the lunches and dinners provided and they were not very good so I decided it wasn't worth it since they were loaded with salt and oil, and I'm a vegan and it's hard to explain that you want vegan food when you don't know the language. :)


Anonymous said...

okay, so I just ordered the happiness hypothesis and the live long forever books. Have you read the Self-coaching book that Dr Fuhrman recommends on his site? It focuses on anxiety/depression but I think the info is useful for all of us. It's about recognizing the voice in your head that is really just habit from your childhood and changing the outcome through self talk. Good book.

kneecap said...

oh good point. I bought it and don't know where it disappeared to. I lend out my books. :) I'll have to check that one out. Thanks for the reminder!