Sunday, January 2, 2011

tomorrow's food

For tomorrow I made a large confetti salad from lettuce, cabbage, mango, banana, pomegranate seeds, seed mixture and a little orange vinegar. That plus a bowl of chili will get me through the day. I measured amounts to see if I'm following Dr. Fuhrman's general guidelines. He recommends (about):
1 lb of raw veggies
1 lb of cooked
1-2 lb of fruit (1 if trying to lose weight)
1 cup of beans
1-2 oz nuts & seeds (1 if trying to lose weight, more than 2 if an athlete).
1 cup starchy vegetable or grain (optional)

I measured:
2 lbs of raw veggies
not much cooked, just whatever's in chili
1.2 lb of fruit
about 1 cup of beans (counting tofu as a bean)
small amount of starchy vegetable (corn in chili)

That should be good enough. I'd like to incorporate more cooked greens and starchy veggies but it's more work during the week. It's easier to make a big portion of one thing and eat it for all the meals in one day. So maybe the cooked greens will happen more on the weekends.

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