Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Broke my elbow, have to have surgery and antibiotics and pain killers---yuck!!!! constipation, here we come. needless to say I'm bringing my own food to the hospital. What's the most powerful anti-constipation food??? Ill bring lots of raw carrots for sure. raw veggies too.

I'm eating simply, not real hungry anyway. just grabbing raw veggies and fruit from the fridge, soup from the freezer.


Katie (Okra) said...

Barb, I am so sorry to hear you broke your elbow! Ouch!!! I hope your surgery goes well and that you heal quickly.

Cindy Marsch said...

Ouch! So sorry! Get well soon, and tell us about it!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, being a nutritarian will help your bone heal faster!

Claire said...

Oh gosh, so sorry to hear this! I hope surgery goes well, and that you're back to your active, busy self soon.

How about a natural laxative tea? I use one by Yogi called "Get Regular." It has senna in it, but is very gentle.

Darryl said...

What a stroke of bad luck! We nutritarians tend to get so (over?)confident about our health that we think we should always feel great physically. Then something happens to bring us back to reality--- it's a dangerous place out there!

I do think you will heal faster and better with a body that is already so well-nourished, with every last nutrient that it needs for the healing process. I hope to see you working out hard at the gym at next summer's Getaway.

kneecap said...

thanks everyone! I will certainly try to help my body heal with excellent nutrition.

you're right darryl, I was getting cocky!