Wednesday, August 11, 2010

high-calorie foods

I had a guest stay with me for a week, and he's a skinny young guy, and I worried I wasn't feeding him enough. I realized I wasn't giving him any grains so I went and bought some manna bread (sprout wheat grains with raisin and carrots to sweeten it up). This is rich and sweet and delicious---it's like a muffin or cake only better (at least to a nutritarian). Here's what the package looks like:

I thought this would be good with a nut butter of some sort but I didn't have any, so I tried my hand at making some out of walnuts. I used the "dry-blender" container that goes with my vita-mix blender. It looks like a regular container but the blades are backwards so it blends the stuff upward rather than downward. That seems to work pretty well for nuts along with the plunger. I found I needed to add a lot of nuts to make it blend well. I used 2 cups of walnuts. This compacted down to probably only 1/2 cup of walnut butter! Talk about calorie-dense! It was a bit crunchy but I actually liked that. Here's the nut butter:

As it gets ground up, the oils release and it becomes, well nut butter.

It was great on the toasted manna bread. I also made this fun treat to take to work with me:

That's a banana walnut-butter sandwich! ha. it was yummy. and the peel keeps it protected until ready for eating.

The nut butter was also really good on (sweet) corn on the cob. Oh my gosh. decadent.

But now my guest is gone and the nut butter won't re-appear for a while because that is some rich food.


Darryl said...

Thanks for posting this, Barb. I've never tried making a nut butter--- not a big fan of them anyway--- but it's interesting to see how to do it. And the banana-walnut sandwich, protected by the peel, is nifty. Bananas and walnuts are always a great combination, with the sweetness of the fruit contrasted with the slight bitterness (but wonderful flavor) of the walnuts.

kneecap said...

It's interesting how the different nuts go better with different foods. I agree the walnuts are great with bananas. Almonds are good in tomato dishes. Almond butter is good with apples. cashews seem good with everything. :)